Startup Defender

Startup Defender 1.0

It monitors your system and prevents any program to sit in your startup list
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Startup Defender is a light weight but heavy duty security utility. This utility will automatically start with your window and stay in windows system tray after installation to protect your system from unwanted dangerous programs to start automatically. Startup Defender monitors your system in real time and prevents any program to sit in your startup list. So if any program or software tries to write its entry in any windows startup location then Startup Defender will ask you via a popup window for a proper action against that program. So you may allow or block that program to add entry in your windows startup list. Startup Defender not only monitor new entries in startup locations of window but it also give you option to manage and control old entries in your windows startup locations. So from it startup manager you may find out all programs which start with your window. It gives you full power to add new programs or remove existing programs in the startup list. It also provides basic information of individual startup programs. And if you don’t know about a program that whether it is a good one or it is a harmful then it provide you option to search on Google. Startup Defender also give you option to control running processes and windows services.

Manoj Goel
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  • Monitor window in real time
  • Provide basic information about the programs
  • Provide option to search about programs on Google
  • Give facility to kill running processes
  • Give option to control windows services


  • Not a freeware
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